Sunday, September 2, 2012

Copy Cataloging, Cloning or Sharing of Records

Copy Cataloging is the process of building upon
original cataloging. It involves matching an established bibligraphic record, examples are the OCLC WorldCat Catalog or Library of Congress Catalog which hold millions of catalog MARC records, with an exact duplicate item described to be added into a collection.

The use of copy cataloging facilitates resource and bibliographic sharing. Without copy cataloging libraries, organizations, and individuals would be doing original record creation, at much greater expense and heavier use of available staff time.

Below is the MARC display for Jeffrey Lubang's Antin-anting cataloging record.


    001                                          UPD-00000281352 
005 20100416145959.0 
020 ## $a971925906X 
040 ## $aDML 
041 0# $afil 
090 ## $aGR 600$bL83 2006 
100 1# $aLubang, Jeffrey Alfaro 
245 10 $aAnting-anting sa Kabite /$cJeffrey Alfaro Lubang. 
260 ## $aCavite City :$bCavite Historical Society,$c2006. 
300 ## $axiii, 80 p. :$bill. 
500 ## $a"Proyekto ng Cavite Studies Center, De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, Cavite." 
650 10 $aAmulets$zPhilippines$zCavite. 
650 20 $aTalismans$zPhilippines$zCavite. 
694 #0 $aCavite$xSocial life and customs. 
651 #0 $aPhilippines$xSocial life and customs. 
842 ## $aBook 
905 ## $aFI 
852 ## $aUP$bDCFA$hGR 600$iL83 2006$pFA011993$rRoom-Use Only$xFA-4668f 
852 ## $aUP$bDMLF$hGR 600$iL83 2006$rNon-Circulation$xFI-90743 
852 ## $aUP$bDMLF$hGR 600$iL83 2006$p00165882$rRegular Circulation$xFI-90744 
852 ## $aUP$bDMLF$hGR 600$iL83 2006$pDMLF 1503$rRegular Circulation$xFI-90745 
852 ## $aUP$bDCAL$hGR 600 $iL83 2006$p00117921$rRoom Use Only [In Filipiniana Section]$xCAL-6906f 
950 ## $aMonograph 

Libraries having this item may be able to save much time in cataloging by using a record that another library has already created. This is called copy cataloging. Copy cataloging does not necessarily mean that a library must take every record as it was originally created, however.

If a library was copying this into their cataloging database, the cataloger might want to edit this record and input some additional information. For the average library user, more information might be of use. It should be possible to determine the publisher or distributor, and a summary of the contents might be helpful.

Extra information should be added if the cataloger feels it would be of benefit to the patrons who will be using the library catalog.

Full record details of the book Anting-anting sa Kabite by Jeffrey Lubang

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