Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Library Automation Boot Camp experience : Day 3

Day 3: September 4, 2012

This is the First Day of Training for the Follett Destiny Comprehensive Training Course

Morning Session: We had a lecture and hands-on training on Follett Destiny

The following were discussed by Mr. Tabinas

Managing your site
Policies Setup
Z-Sources (Z39.50) setup
Digital Resources
What's NEW
Disaster Recovery Plan

Mr. Tabinas, EISI

Follet Destiny interface

Afternoon Session:

Ms. Sharon Samaniego, librarian of De La Salle University-DasmariƱas gave us a lecture and hands-on training on encoding data using Destiny Library Manager.

Destiny Library ManagerTM combines circulation, cataloging, searching, reporting and management in one centrally installed library software system. Your students and faculty patrons access the system through any workstation with a supported web browser, through your district's network and the Internet.  Destiny Library Manager is an easy-to-use, web-based library automation and management solution that offers:

Some issues and concerns were arised in encoding data in Cataloging Module.

She mentioned that all catalogers must be aware of the RDA or Resource Description Access, it is the Cataloging Rules for 20th Century.

Definition: RDA is  is a standard for cataloguing that provides instructions and guidelines on formulating data for resource description and discovery. Intended for use by libraries and other cultural organizations such as museums and archives.

She also recommends that if the library doesn't have cataloging policies and procedures or cataloging manual.... must start creating their manual NOW! So any librarians who will be assigned as a cataloger will have a guide.

Ms. Sharon Samaniego lectures on Destiny Library Management 

 Follett Cataloging Module

 Salute! EISI officers and participants in the training


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