Monday, July 15, 2013

National Children's Book Day 2013 at DLSZ : Day 1

The Learning Resource Center of De La Salle Zobel celebrates 30th National Children’s Book Day. Ooops… we are not only celebrating it for just one day… but...we are celebrating it for the entire week (July 15-19, 2013)! Isn't it fun?!

Here's our activities for Day 01: 

Books, books and a lot of children’s books! 
Fully Booked set up a five day book fair activity at the following venues: 
*Multi-Purpose Hall for the Lower Grades; and 
*CPA Lobby for Upper Grades and High School. 
Proceeds of this activity will go to the Adopt-a Library project of the learning Resource Center (LRC).

Bro.Bernie talks with the students of DLSZ before the opening of the bookfair

Bro.Bernie with mascots BroLee and Archer

Mr.Jay Diola announces the NCBD activities to the students
Cutting of Ribbon (Basket full of books + balloons)

 students flocked the bookfair

boys obviously love graphic novels

 CAUGHT READING! Ms. Suzette Balgos found her book!

CAUGHT READING! Bro.Bernie reading a book. I wonder what it is? 

DLSZ faculty, staff and librarians

with Archer and BroLee!

Students were treated with different storytelling session by Ms. Zarah Gagatiga. The kids adore her so much! She is energetic and emotive. She is engaging as she draws listeners into the story and makes them hang on her every word. 

Ms.Zarah Gagatiga with Grade 1 students
The energetic and emotive Ms.Zarah Gagatiga

Grade 1 students listens attentively to Ms. Zarah Gagatiga

Students here are having FUN! READING IS FUN! FUN! FUN!

That’s all for today. I’ll update you on our Day 2 Activities tomorrow! :)

For more information on our activities read my post DLSZ celebrates National Children's Book Day 2013

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