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Blogging in Education : Presentation and Reflections on 2nd Laguna Blogging Summit #2LaBS

The 2nd Laguna Social Media and Blogging Summit (#2LaBS) was held at the Cultural Center of Laguna last November 14-15, 2013

Powerful speakers who were armed with their strong & revolutionary topics to share, empower & teach the participants about Online Marketing, Social Media Ethics, Passion, Responsibilities and on how to become a catalyst for change were invited.

For this year, the event became bigger and louder. The participating students are from Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU), STI, AMA, University of the Philippines and De La Salle Zobel Ayala Alabang

I am not a professional blogger but blogging is my passion and I want to share my passion to the students since most of the participants are students so I talked about blogging in Education.

Here's my slide presentation. Blogging in Education. Feel free to download my presentation, the first slide are my active online social media accounts so feel free to connect with me. I'd love to hear from you and exchange ideas.

I am the adviser of Green Bloggers Club in De La Salle Zobel. This is a new club in the school. Before organizing it, I checked if there are Bloggers Club in School/College here in the Philippines but there is NONE. There are Groups or Community Blogs but there is no Bloggers Association. 

There are Professional Bloggers who I talked to and asked advise with regards to my Bloggers Club. Thanks to Ms. Janette Toral, Mr. Eyriche Cortez, Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas and to Filipino Bloggers Worldwide. They are my inspiration!

Mini Blogging Summit at De La Salle Zobel

The club is so fortunate for the support system. From the SCAO, LFMD Director, HS Vice Principal,  Brother President and of course the Parents of the students.  

The 2nd Laguna Blogging Summit organizers even mentioned our school in different medias like Radio (DZIQ, Magic 89.9) TV, Websites, Blogs and other Social Media, broadsheet and newspapers like Philippine Star, Ronda Balita, Tribune Post and The Kliping Times

Organizing and preparing for the activities is not that easy too. From the Approval of the Activity Plan Sheet, Transportation, Excuse Letter for TL, Adviser and Teacher, Parental Consent, Talking, Texting and calling… (I was flooded by calls) Meet the Parents (assuring them about their son/daughter is okay). It was stressful but the experience is wonderful and fulfilling. I am also thankful for Ms. Louie Embudo,Head of the SCAO for being supportive and guiding me in everything I do for the club.

We have lots of activities in this term. The more I prepared for the activities, the more the club members are excited to attend. For me, teaching them on blogging is like I am their parent and the club members are my babies who are learning to crawl… learning to stand on their own feet… and finally learning to walk.

Handling them is like a journey. A journey where I am guiding them on the right path or direction on using social media responsibly.

Our journey is not that easy. The road is not smooth, there are rocks along the way but we will walk slowly but surely.

Green Bloggers club of  De La Salle Zobel at 2LaBS

The club members are cooperative and they are very eager to learn. They are open for suggestion and they are also open for changes. 

I read their blogs and they are improving. After attending mini blogging summit and 2nd Laguna Blogging Summit I think the students are using social media responsibly.

The parents of the club members are very supportive too. They are the no.1 fan and reader of their son/daughter’s blog. Sometimes I thought if I could invite one of the parents to talk about Parenting in time of Social Media. Is there a generation gap? (Anak, pakiexplain! Labyu!)

I can sense that I am handling future leaders of our country.

To the 2LaBS organizers, continue your advocacy. We gain new insights. I am very honored that I am one of your speakers in the event. 

To the bloggers, continue blogging. Be responsible blogger. Let your voices be heard not only to the bloggers but also to the community and society. Let us support different advocacies.

See you at 3LaBS!

I designed this Social Media theme bulletin board. It is a hit to the students

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