My Library Automation Boot Camp experience : DAY 1

Me? Camping at the Queen City of South? Sounds exciting right? Well, my camping is not just for pleasure but it is also a work-related activity.

As a Technical librarian at the De La Sale Santiago Zobel, I usually encounter lots of questions on my mind on how to maximize and utilize our library software. Sometimes I am so "makulit" of asking so many questions, like where I should put the following tags, how to generate and extract reports blah blah blah and lots of BLAH! So many questions, discussions and even arguments about it. Do we really need to buy another library software just to solve those problems? Or just stay in our current software? Different views and opinions about it or I should say, DEBATE.

I've been using Follett software for twelve (12) years. 10 years from DLSU-Dasmariñas and 2 years++  at De La Salle Zobel. Maybe, you will assume that because I've been a user for so many years, I should be familiar and expert on the software. But NO! I admit, I need a Follett Refresher Course.

I am a cataloger and I can say that even with my eyes closed... I can catalog those print and non-print materials. But with those questions about the software we are using? Hmmmm... I can't answer those questions and I think we need the help of Technical Support.

The Electronic Information Solutions, Inc. organized the Library Automation Boot Camp and I am lucky to be one of the campers.

So here it is :

Day 1  (September 3, 2012)  Mr. Pedro Tabinas gave us a lecture and a hands-on training to fully understand and utilize Circulation/Cataloging Plus Module and bring out end-user into the best of the system.

Mr. Pedro Tabinas, Technical Support officer of EISI

with Ms.Jing and Ms. Naidz

with EISI officers

I noticed that EISI officers have a Camouflage themed for the training. Usually, I experience themed activities/parties during baby shower, birthday, weddings... And now, LIBRARY TRAINING? That's C-O-O-L!

But why Camouflage? I check the definition of Camouflage and here's what I got from an online dictionary:

Camouflage:  is a set of methods of concealment that allows otherwise visible animals, military vehicles, or other objects to remain unnoticed by blending with their environment or by resembling something else.

So it's blending ... This is only my Day 1 and I am definitely learning... Much more when I finished the training! I guess, I won't be scared anymore and confident enough to face them all.

Like a SOLDIER, after rigorous training.... I am ready to FIGHT in the BATTLEFIELD!

I'll update you tomorrow on our DAY 2.


Me and Luigi. (Camouflage themed photoshoot). 

What is EISI, Me and my "MINI ME" have in common? Hmmmm.... Make a wild guess!

Got it?

Get it?